Business Process Management (BPM)

What is a BPM?

It is a methodology used to analyze, design, implement, monitor and improve an organization’s processes. The main objective of BPM is to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s processes to achieve its strategic objectives.

Business Process Management and its applicability

Organizations through the implementation of BPM obtain important benefits such as:

  • Improved understanding and visibility of processes.
  • Time savings and cost reductions from more efficient operations.
  • Improved task performance.
  • Process improvements, which are possible through process monitoring.
Integration and interoperability between systems

Generally we are faced with organizations that have different computer systems to perform different tasks. In many cases, obtaining information is a complex task and it is necessary to work in different applications due to the fact that the information is located in different systems. Integration technologies facilitate this task by allowing different heterogeneous IT systems to connect with each other and share information.
The benefits are improved business processes and reduced maintenance costs of the technological infrastructure. On the other hand, the productivity of the company’s personnel improves as more and better information is available, increasing profitability margins.