Customized development that helps your business innovate

We have a group of specialists whose passion is to develop and create solutions to meet the unique needs of individual companies.

Our team

The Qwavee development team is a group of specialists whose passion is to develop and create solutions to meet the unique needs of individual companies.
No challenge is left unaddressed.
A combination of technical skills and a deep understanding of enterprise-wide software enables the team to deliver solutions worldwide.

Benefits of Custom Software Development

Understanding the benefits of custom software development for both businesses and customers will help you make the right decisions for you and your company.

The main reason to develop custom software is that your company wants to own the solution. Companies can operate the software functions, data, develop methodologies, etc. With custom software, companies can make changes anytime they want, add important information and implement customer feedback. Creating an interactive relationship enhances the credibility and permanence of your business with customers.
Every customer or user wants to feel that their interaction with a company is personal. Feeling that you are treated as an individual is an important factor in customer satisfaction. When a company provides more personalized solutions, the company adds value to the business/customer relationship. Such added value builds customer loyalty and extends customer retention.

Mckinsey statistics say that 71% of consumers expect companies to offer personalized solutions and 76% are frustrated when companies fail to do so. Knowing the impact of a personalized user experience, custom software development is really important for customer satisfaction.

Off-the-shelf software is generally easier to hack, because most of it uses open source code. Hackers and attackers already know the vulnerabilities of such software, whereas custom-developed software is a closed source project and is only used by your team. Therefore, the chances of intrusions are minimized.
Integrating custom software with your existing commercial software should be easy. In addition, custom software can implement existing processes without having to conform to the limitations of an arbitrary API.

Companies can make changes at any time to the customized software according to business needs. Scalability will be a feature marked as necessary in the scope of your initial project. Out-of-the-box applications, on the other hand, cannot be manipulated at will. And if you change anything, you are likely to violate your license agreement with your commercial software vendors, making it impossible to continue the maintenance and usability of the application.

Application reliability is key for all businesses. Using a custom solution is safer and more reliable because you own all the rights and dictate how it is modified and maintained. Custom software developers typically use the highest quality tools and industry-leading security standards, because the final application reflects on them personally. As such, you can always rely on maximum performance and reliability.

Success stories

We are committed to delivering real business results.

  • Management of Pathological Laboratories

  • Centralized control in distributed systems

  • Upgrade Drupal - D7 a D9

  • Technological solution that displays, stores and manages all the information that is generated during a production process through the use of geolocated data.

Technological Tools

Creating an impact on your business

We use the latest technologies and development methodologies to deliver reliable, secure and scalable software solutions that address your business challenges. Our agile development process ensures that we deliver solutions that are flexible, adaptable and dynamic, and can evolve with your business needs as they change over time.


MVP is the minimum version of a product that includes the basic features to meet the customer’s needs. Such key features include design, ease of use, reliability and functionality.

We use a structured process to build your MVP quickly and within budget. Our product experts will simplify your MVP to the most important features. Then, our talented development and UX/UI teams will design and build your MVP from the ground up. This allows you to launch quickly, test key product assumptions so your business can grow as quickly as possible.
Whether you need to build a mobile or web application from scratch (front and backend + DevOps), implement new features for an existing project, or simply deliver an MVP in a timely manner, we are up for the challenge.

Data visualization and statistical analysis

Qwavee also provides access to advanced tools and software for data visualization, statistical analysis and predictive modeling. The solutions are easy to use and customizable, making it easy for companies to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition.