Why does Qwavee apply agile methodologies in its work approach?

Agile methodologies are currently booming, and Qwavee is not lagging behind in their implementation. But what are agile methodologies and why are they important for Qwavee? In this article we will explain all this and much more.

What are agile methodologies?

Before going into the details of why Qwavee favors these methodologies, it is important to clarify what they are. Agile methodologies are an approach to project management and planning that prioritizes value delivery and adaptability to change in an iterative and incremental manner. That is, instead of planning the entire project from the beginning and delivering everything at the end, it is broken down into small deliverables to get quick results and then adjusting as needed.

Why does Qwavee prefer agile methodologies?

Now, the million-dollar question is why Qwavee favors agile methodologies in the way it works. Here are some of the reasons why Qwavee prefers these approaches:

1. Increased adaptation to change

Agile methodologies allow for greater adaptability to change than traditional approaches by breaking projects into small deliverables that can be adjusted as needed. This approach allows for greater flexibility should requirements or conditions change.

2. Faster deliveries

Agile methodologies prioritize the delivery of value in small iterations, which allows the customer to obtain fast and concrete results. This in turn increases customer satisfaction and accelerates project delivery time.

3. Improved product quality

By delivering small deliveries, errors can be detected early and corrected immediately. This in turn improves the final quality of the product delivered to the customer.

4. Increased customer involvement

Another benefit of agile methodologies is that it promotes customer involvement in the development of the project. This allows for greater transparency in the development process and constant feedback that helps to adjust the direction of the project as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are agile methodologies suitable for all projects?
Not necessarily. If the project has well-defined requirements and no significant changes are expected during the development process, it may be more appropriate to use a traditional approach. However, in most cases agile methodologies are an attractive option.
How does Qwavee ensure that its customers are satisfied with the results?
Qwavee maintains constant communication with the client throughout the development process, allowing for constant feedback and adjusting the direction of the project as needed. In addition, regular deliveries are made to obtain concrete results that can be evaluated by the client.


Agile methodologies are a highly effective way of working in most software development projects and Qwavee knows this very well. Adaptability, speed, quality and customer satisfaction are just some of the reasons why Qwavee prefers this approach. If you are looking for a company that uses agile methodologies in the way it works for your software development project, don’t hesitate to consider Qwavee always ready for new challenges.